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author of shifter and spaceship romances


♡ arranged marriage

♡ hot mysterious billionaire

♡ a heroine without magic

 ♡ hot sexy times 


♡ slow burn romance

♡ brooding hot mysterious billionaire

♡ spooky castle

♡ spunky Asian-American nurse*

♡ a talking cat

hot sexy times (but not with the cat)

*written by an Asian-American AND a nurse!

An Amazon Best-Selling Paranormal Romance Series!

Dark, dangerous, billionaire dragon shifters searching for their fated mates……

Kara Lockharte's Dragon Lovers Boxset Bo

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"Kara Lockharte always surprises me. I look forward to her books eagerly, knowing I will not find a cookie-cutter plot that I've read a hundred times." -- PurrToday, Amazon Reviewer

Devastatingly ripped billionaire dragon shifters intent on conquest. Independent heroines in search of their own destinies. Tropes you can’t resist: arranged marriage, reunion romance, and enemies-to-lovers, reforged into stories of unexpected love, magic and adventure that could only be told in modern day America. These wickedly sexy dragon shifters will stop at nothing to claim their fated mates.

This boxed set is filled with heat, danger, and the secret world of dragon shifters. If you love shifters, adventure, and the power of love, these books are for you.

200+ series reviews on Amazon with 4.5 star average!

What readers have said:

“brilliantly written with lots of action, twists, turns and romance. You will quickly loose yourself...characters, plot, and world building are remarkably detailed...this is for sure a must read  ★★★★★ 



These books were fire. FIRE! The characters are vulnerable and strong, they pull you into the world created in the series. It’s beautiful. ★★★★★ 



Steamy dragons and fun characters with not an idiot in sight. I was glad to sit down and reread these and I think I even liked them better the second time around. ★★★★★  



The Space Shifters Chronicles


Book 1
The werewolf prince gets what he wants.  
But not with me.

Book 2
He loved, lied, then left me.
And now I'm supposed to marry him?

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 The alpha wolf is coming home. This time she will be his.